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Chemo Quilts

The Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Shriners Children’s Hospital

I started my nonprofit in April of 2016.  I started by making quilts for other grieving mothers.  I tried getting fabric donations and money donations to make the quilts myself. I wanted to do something special to remember and honor Natalie too, so we started making chemo quilts for The Huntsman Cancer Hospital (where I used to work as a nurse), and Shriners Children’s Hospital.  We donate twice a year to those hospitals, on Natalie’s birthday, February 27, and on her Angel Anniversary, July 9, since they are roughly 6 months a part. Natalie loved The Huntsman and used to come hang out at the hospital with me after school, and she would visit with the patients too.  


Natalie’s grandpa, on the Holt side of her family was a Mason.  He passed away in 2009 and Shriners Hospital had a special place in his heart, so we also honor him with those quilt donations. (His daughter, Natalie’s aunt Carey, is a big supporter of our nonprofit). It was also where I did some of my nursing training, so it holds a special place in my heart too.


I started making the chemo quilts myself, then several volunteers started sending me chemo quilt to donate in Natalie’s memory!!! Most of the chemo quilts you see in these pictures have been made by volunteers!!! They make the quilt tops and I quilt and bind them. Some people send finished quilts too, which we love.


We couldn’t do this all without volunteers and the donations!!!  I love seeing all the quilts come in the mail, that people donate in Natalie’s honor!!! This quilting community ROCKS!

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